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Hi, Welcome to my homepage. Lets start with my personal information.


My name is Peter Hicks - but I normally go by Pete.
I'm English and I'm married to a Lovely Texas girl called Lauri.
I have two children, David & Sarah, who live in England.


I have lived in Texas since May 1994. Before moving to Dallas
I lived in England - at a small seaside town called Weston-super-Mare.
Its very different over here.
I tell the locals my accent is from "Far East Texas".


My interest in Amateur Radio started as a teenager.
I was first licensed 18th February 1975 as G4DVP.
In those days you were required to have a separate
Mobile License to operate from the car.
I still have this call and enjoy using it when I go back to England.
During 1975/76 I was also active as VS9MPH from the Maldive Islands.
My first American call was AC5HR, issued 30th April 1996.
I have been N5KD since 12th February 1997.


I am a Morse Code (CW) enthusiast.
Although this is regarded as old-fashioned today,
I get a lot of satisfaction in having learned this skill.
It's a pity so many phone operators do not know how rewarding CW can be.


When you die you should regret the things you did during your life
- you should not regret the things you did not do.

Life is Not a Rehearsal.  Carpe Diem.


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