Some pictures of me at Royal Air Force Gan

Maldive Islands - 1975 / 1976


G4DVP / N5KD was operational as VS9MPH from here........



vs9mph-1.jpg (94146 bytes) Here I am in the shack of the Club Station, VS9MB.


vs9mb-1.jpg (61888 bytes) They even had the club callsign on the door.


vs9mb-2.jpg (102966 bytes) This was the beach immediately outside the shack window.


vs9mph-4.jpg (80941 bytes)

This was a typical Maldive Island sunset.


vs9mph-3.jpg (82471 bytes) This was a 7KW Racal Speedrace Transmitter. QRP.


vs9mph-2.jpg (74889 bytes) A Marconi H1200, 30KW Transmitter. Yes, I did use it on 20 meters.


vc10.jpg (62231 bytes)

This was the last ever RAF VC-10 to leave RAF Gan.
27 March 1976.
After take off it did this flypast along the runway.
Click here for the sad story of this beautiful aircraft.


blue_lagoon.JPG (98866 bytes)

The "Blue Lagoon" was a hotel used by military passengers or families who were in transit from the UK to Singapore or Hong Kong via Cyprus.


vs9mphqsl.jpg (131621 bytes) This is my VS9MPH QSL card. This is quite rare. If you have one congratulations.


vs9mbqsl.jpg (42036 bytes) This is the much more common VS9MB club station QSL card. I lived on the island of Hittadu. Were were called Hittadu Hermits.


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